Breakbeat Science

dara2A member of the infamous Planet of the Drums crew alongside fellow drum ‘n bass pioneers AK1200, Dieselboy, & J Messinian, this Irish transplant has been a dominant figure in the U.S. drum ‘n bass scene since his arrival here in 1994.  His discography includes 2 critically acclaimed full length artist albums, 8 DJ mix CDs, as well as numerous singles and remixes for artists such as Freq Nasty, Afrika Bambaata and Keoki.   Dara co-founded the nation’s first & largest drum ‘n bass record store, Breakbeat Science, in NYC which  doubles as his own imprint, Breakbeat Science Recordings.  He has been featured in countless magazine articles and interviews both in the US and worldwide.  He previously hosted one of the internet’s most popular drum ‘n bass broadcasts, Velocity, where he regularly interviewed leading drum ‘n bass artists such as Jonny L, Kemistry & Storm, Trace, Ed Rush, Optical, Hype, Andy C, Zinc, and many others.  Dara’s long standing relationships with the world’s drum ‘n bass elite gives him access to an astounding amount of new and unreleased material.  His brilliant recording endeavors along with his incessant touring marked by consistently awe-inspiring DJ sets have made him one of the most recognized and well respected DJs in the country.


Monism Music

mo7sThe notorious and enigmatic MO7S has carved a path all his own. Djing since 1993, Stephen Manders spent most of that decade becoming one of New England’s most sought after talents. He would later work for Satellite Records and hold residency at Avaland Boston and Los Angeles. 

After moving to LA in 2004, he started his own label, Monism Music. The label gained notoriety in the underground and he would eventually play counter culture festivals such as Burning Man in Nevada, Evolve in Nova Scotia and Wakarusa in Arkansas. 

By 2010, MO7S likeness and music would be featured worldwide on several episodes of Seth MacFarlane’s American Dad! He was a National Finalist on Season 2 of Kid Capri’s “Master’s of The Mix” DJ reality show. Past literary contributions include writing for publications such as Rinse, MixMag, XLR8R and URB. Production and remix work include labels Backzide, Beyond Zilla, Evoked, LaFolia, PH Recordings, Shameless and more. 

His acid bass style is not only a precursor to the modern bass music, but is one of few examples respected by techno and electro constituents alike. His refined sound and deck wizardry is second to none. Very few DJs have the technical and creative ability that he does. He has played alongside everyone from John Digweed to Q-Bert to prove it. 

Independent from the mainstream, yet oddly a part of it’s undercurrent. Returning to Northern Maine for the first time in over a decade, BelTekers let’s welcome back a true Grandmaster.


Proper Slap, Prisoner of Love

pat-fontesPat Fontes’ knowledge of electronic music has made him into what many have stated as a connoisseur of sorts. With almost two decades of DJing experience on his resume from the underground to clubs all over the world this former owner, manager, music buyer of the now legendary Satellite Records Boston has built a strong reputation for himself. He is the man responsible for one of Boston’s longest running underground house, techno, and electronic oddities weeklies at the Phoenix Landing Wednesdays. It went by many names but was most well known as Midweek Techno with his friends Soul Clap. He has had the honor of being exposed to many industry heavy-weights and has opened for the likes of Martin Buttrich, Paco Osuna, The Orb, Timo Maas, Cassy, Pan Pot , Layo & Bushwacka, Peace Division, Chris Fortier just to name a few.

Pat is now pushing boundaries again and providing his own dirty, sweaty, synth infected, sexy swag to his DJ sets and original productions. His sound falls under the umbrellas of techno & house but he has always developed his own unique spin on these genres and tends to bend every aspect of conventional thoughts towards them. He has had releases on well known labels such as Thoughtless Music and Airdrop Records. Now with many remixes and originals coming, Pat has joined a new pack of like minded artists on Prisoner of Love Records – Private Business – Proper Slap – Tight Groove – to name a few

Being quoted by his peers as “Mr. Techno” this humble encyclopedia of electronic music knowledge has been there, and done that, and is still finding ways to capture the imagination of others through his music!

Life’s too short… listen to music !



Blinded Records

osheenOsheen, New England’s own veteran DJ and producer / remixer is no stranger to the club culture and electronica house music scene. He began his career in the early 1980’s dosing the dance floors of local clubs and rave event’s in the northeast. When the rave phenomena hit in the early 1990’s he took his skills and signature sound of house music out to the masses and quickly became known as one of the premier underground house DJ’S throughout the U.S.. The demand kept growing for his talent as a DJ, leading way to the next logical and creative step, the creation of his own music and record label.Osheen currently has numerous remix and original releases on major and independent record labels.


Cosmic Disco, Slinky, San Francisco

kershawFrom Disco to Techno, and all the House in between.

Credit to the Edit.

San Francisco based DJ/sometimes label manager. Slinky resident.




Kingdom of No Form

caserocChuck “Caseroc” Armsden has written a million bios. Some of them name dropped the international and domestic dance music titans he has opened for and played alongside. Some of them described how he and his partner at the time created a place for underground House and Techno when there was no such thing in Boston. Basically, if he listed all the places he has played in Boston and around the country over the last 20 years the bio would look more like a telephone book. More than a few residencies and high profile gigs over the past years have given Chuck the status of a DJ who is able to keep crowds interested but still push boundaries. Chuck’s style is rooted in Deep House and Techno and continues to be driven forward by the idea that within the framework of these 4/4 structures are infinite possibilities and moods and feelings to explore. Under pressure, trying to make connections, is where Chuck shines as a selector. Still pushing the vinyl but not averse to using current technology, Chuck likes to expand the vocabulary of his chosen language daily, tirelessly researching new music and presenting the freshest of the old tracks to the uninitiated in a way that is uniquely his.

“I do these things to activate my imagination and suppress worry, to feel like a worthy human being, and to escape from my head.”.


Declassified Audio / Made In Boston


With sets by:

Audio Bigot • Huge • Les Rhoda • Undrig •  Hjort & St. Pierre  • Jamie O’sullivan •  John Pacheco • Dubsapiens •  Dave Bregoli • Mosart212 • G-Force •  Alchera •  Seratto •  Vitamin J •  DJ Ortega •  Noremac • Split the Adam •  Slammin Salmon •  Moses • Corbin • GlowWorm •  Punky Bruiser

Killer Sound & Lights by Sound Scribe…


Fire Performance & Safety Coordinator Jya Marie

Decor & Ambiance by Heartspace


24 Lincolville Ave Belmont ME.

Here’s the ‘Tek!

General Information & Rules

Grab yourselves a drink, a smoke, or a snack, and settle in. We know this is looooooong pile ‘o words – but it’s also all the little details you will need to make your festival weekend a success. Please don’t skip over this – as it will answer 99% of the questions we receive leading up to BelTek weekend.

BelTek is an all-ages event happening on private property from 2pm Friday August 4th through to 8am Sunday August 6th 2017! We are NOT requiring invites this year!!! BelTek is open to the general public so we are trusting in YOU to continue with the awesome vibe we all worked so hard to bring back over the past few years. We have no tolerance for destructive & disrespectful behavior. We expect folks to continue to police themselves and to police each other. We invite anyone witnessing anything that’s not ok to tell a BelTek Ranger, someone on staff, or a member of our security immediately. Please have your valid government-issued photo ID, and your cash or ticket ready upon arrival at the gate. All transactions will be done in cash. All ticket sales, all vending, all done in cash ONLY. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult guardian, and anyone over 21 will be required to show *and keep in their possession at all times* a valid, government-issued, photo ID in order to drink or possess alcohol. Bracelets must be worn the entire weekend. If you lose it, you will be required to buy another one to remain or re-enter the property. Professional security will be patrolling the fields day and night for your safety. Bracelets let security know you are welcome on the property. Those without will be removed. This is an all-ages event so there will be neighbors and families (with small children) present, especially during the day. Please behave accordingly. We expect a basic modicum of respectful behavior of all attendees at all times. Have respect for the other festival-goers, our neighbors, the town, and especially yourselves. Negative and/or disrespectful behavior will result in being removed from the property immediately and most likely right into the hands of the State Police. We have done it before, and we will do it again. We have zero tolerance for shenanigans that put the safety of our attendees at risk. Each ticket includes free car-side camping all weekend long! All camping & parking is first-come first-served. We ask that people not arrive before 2pm on Friday. Anyone arriving earlier will NOT be allowed on the property. We also allow folks to stay all through Sunday and Monday if need be to get proper rest. We want you all to get home safe. No glass bottles or glass containers allowed on the property. Bring your coolers full of plastic bottles and cans. There will be plenty of trash cans and recycle cans all around the festival. Use them! We will have plenty of porta-johns and they will be cleaned & restocked several times over the weekend. Use those too. For the love of all things holy please do not go in the woods! We always have FREE ICE COLD WATER available from a spigot on the field. Bring buckets and coolers to fill (or very small kiddie pools!). Near the water spigot you will find a single shower head for cooling down or washing up. STAY HYDRATED! Maine weather can change quickly (#MudTek & #TyphoonTek, right?) so please be prepared for a variety of temperature and weather conditions. Generally we have had fantastic weather over the past 13 years, but being prepared will help you continue to have a good time no matter what Mother Nature throws at us! Rural Maine can still get chilly in August, especially at night. A winter coat and warm hat will not be out of place at 3am. On the other hand, daytimes on the field can get extremely hot. Bring your bathing suit and sunscreen. There will be a bonfire each night. It will be controlled by staff. We do not allow any other campfires anywhere on the property. You may cook with personal grills, but no open flames. Speaking of fire, ANYONE wishing to dance or perform with fire MUST first contact our Fire Performance & Safety Coordinator Jya Marie ( We have very strict protocols in place for everyone’s safety. Anyone using open flames of any size without prior authorization will be asked to leave the festival without refund. We take this very seriously. There will be “quiet time” from 7am Saturday morning, with music resuming around 11am. If you choose to play music at your own site please respect your neighbors trying to rest and play at a low volume. ABSOLUTELY NO INDEPENDENT SOUND SYSTEMS!! RVs and pop-up campers WILL be welcome – seasonal weather permitting! This means that if the area gets a dry summer and the ground stays firm, you will be allowed to bring your RVs. Stay tuned to the BelTek Facebook page when the event draws near. We cannot provide water or electricity to your RVs or campsites. We reserve the right to designate parking locations. Those camping in RVs will still be required to keep your music volume way low during quiet times… Yes DJ *cough cough* we are looking at you!… Anything you bring in, you must bring out. Every. Single. Thing. Don’t leave your broken furniture, your busted up tent, or your dirty clothes for someone else to pick up. Again, be respectful.

BelTek happens approximately 2 hours north of Portland ME, 4 hours north of Boston MA, 8 hours north of New York City, and 8 hours southeast from Montreal Canada – in the glorious Mid-Coast area of Maine! BelTek happens about 10 minutes away from the scenic seaside town of Belfast which is further East along Rt. 3. Belfast is full of bohemian artsy-fartsy types and has locally-sourced organic restaurants, fun little shops, and the world-famous Belfast Co-Op. You can also find a Reny’s department store, a Hannaford grocery store, Walgreens, an Ocean State Job Lots, and assorted fast food. Belfast loves BelTek! You can expect your days to be under the warm summer sun, and your nights spent under the gorgeous Milky Way. Be sure to bring bug repellent, sunscreen, and a variety of clothing layers. With your bracelets, you will be allowed to come and go from the festival site. There are several swimming spots a short drive away:

Please have a sober & safe driver, absolutely DO NOT drink and drive! There is a Maritime Farms convenience store located a short walk away via a trail in the rear of one of the fields. They stock up on beer, cigarettes, water, food, snacks, ice, etc in anticipation of this weekend. We highly suggest being as self-sufficient as possible. Bring plenty of water and plenty of fresh food. There will be a limited amount of vending on-site. All transactions will be handled with cash ONLY. BelTek does NOT have an ATM on site however Maritime Farms does have one on. Keep in mind this is a very small rural town and the ATM has run-out in previous years. There will be no alcohol for sale anywhere on the festival grounds. BYOB (cans please) WITH VALID ID. Please do not toss your cigarette butts on the ground. Bring a coffee can or some kind of receptacle to put your butts in. The field is harvested several times a year by a local farmer to feed his organic grass-fed cows. Let’s keep their food clean and safe! If we see you tossing butts we will publicly shame you. Don’t be that guy! The local authorities and state police are very much aware of this event, and will stop in several times over the course of the weekend to check in. We have a very good relationship with them. Neighbors will be visiting as well. BelTek is quite a thing for the locals to see! Have fun, make new friends, and be yourselves. We just ask that you be respectful to everyone around you and be safe. ABSOLUTELY NO DOGS ALLOWED! This includes “festival dogs”. NO WAY!!! Service animals with proper documentation will be allowed on site. You will be legally asked to present proper ADA documentation. NO FIREWORKS! Yes, they are legal in Maine. The landowner still does not allow them on his property. Therefore they are illegal here. NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND! duh. Found with any and you will be immediately ejected from the grounds straight into the back of a State Police cruiser. Good times. The “backyard area” located right behind the main house is a designated VIP area for the event organizers ONLY. This is our sacred space for much needed downtime. By the time all ya’all are arriving, we have already been working hard for several days …and we need our rest! Any campsites setup close to the perimeter will be asked to keep their own noise down. If you plan on raging all weekend long then please camp away from this area. Otherwise we have to send out mean mama Kait to yell at you and you DO NOT want that! Bring your smiling happy faces! Bring your fun costumes, your glow things, your dancing shoes, your art supplies, and stuff to make fun colorful campsites! After all these years we still find that cell-phone reception on the field is spotty at best. We can almost guarantee you that your phone or text service will NOT work properly no matter what provider you are using, so please plan accordingly. Sometimes, and we mean sometimes you can get one or two bars close to the road but we wouldn’t count on it. We cannot charge your personal devices for you. Please do not just plug-in by the decks. We need those outlets and trying to figure out which plug goes to which cord during a live set runs the risk of someone’s set getting &^%#$ up, so please don’t do that. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone we deem a real or potential nuisance or threat to the fun and or safety of this event. We reserve the right to remove anyone behaving in a manner we find unsuitable at any time and without refund. We take this very seriously. We want you all to feel safe, and to have the time of your lives! If you see anything that is not ok, we ask you to please tell someone on staff. We work hard all year to create an amazing weekend, but we cannot do this without you! Be a helping hand and love each other. THAT is how the BelTek family rolls!


with amazing music & good times! Click below to learn more.

SINCE 2003!

BelTek Ranger Information

Now in our fourth year, Rangers are a concept borrowed from Burning Man, adapted on a smaller scale for BelTek. We want everyone to have a great festival experience, so Rangers may lend a hand, be a sympathetic ear, or simply sit with someone having a rough time. We are not authority figures, but rather people who come “from the ranks” of the festival scene who have some special skills and want to help. FMI on BM Rangers:

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